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Better Voice

Make your voice work better for you

Make your voice work better for you

Your voice - but better

Your voice - but better

For more than a hundred years the technique Better Voice teaches has been helping people make the most of their voice

- whether that's everyday speaking, presentations, teaching, or singing. It can help you too.

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Two singers using the Better Voice technique

Your voice can work better for you

It’s very easy, without realizing it, to produce your voice in a way that doesn’t make the most of it, or that can cause problems to develop.

People come to us with all sorts of voice issues, such as:

  • My voice gets tired and strained when I have to use it a lot.
  • My voice doesn’t carry well, so it’s often an effort to make myself heard.
  • I’d enjoy singing a lot more if my voice had a larger range.
  • I don’t seem to hold my listeners’ attention when I speak. I’d like to sound more interesting.
  • I’m sure I’d do better at work if my voice was more resonant and authoritative.
  • I’d love my voice to sound, well, just more attractive.
  • I wish I had more confidence in my voice - and myself.
  • Now I’m getting older, I’m noticing my voice doesn’t have the power or range that it used to.

Do any of these sound familiar? If they do, then you’re in the right place. 

We'd love to help you - and we know we can.

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Make a start on improving your voice.

Read what a Better Voice course can do for you - then try it free!

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What can Better Voice do for you?

Better Voice is the online version of White’s Technique, which was devised by E.G. White at the start of the twentieth century. White’s story is inspiring: having lost his own voice completely through misguided singing teaching, his search for a way to restore it created a method that has helped countless others.

In our Better Voice courses you’ll learn how to produce your voice so that you take all the strain off your throat and make use of the natural resonating spaces in your head to focus, amplify and enhance your voice.

That’s actually quite a simple process, and we know exactly how to lead you step by step to success.

Learning the Better Voice method will allow you to:  

  • Use your voice without ever straining your throat.
  • Increase your voice’s carrying power without increasing the effort.
  • Make the most of your voice’s good qualities, so it will sound its best.
  • Extend your voice’s range, making it more interesting when you speak and expanding your repertoire when you sing.
  • Future-proof your voice against fatigue and problems.
  • Feel more confident in your voice and yourself.

Our courses are unique! We’re the only people who teach this method and you won’t find it anywhere else.

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What Better Voice users say

I want to improve my everyday voice
Discover how Better Voice can make a really positive difference to your life.

Such wonderful and vast applications. I have never before considered the power of the voice. I now realize what an emotive, enchanting and magical tool it could be. It promotes self-confidence.

Karen B., Better Voice user

I'm in business
A clear, effortless Better Voice delivery will help you hold your listeners’ attention and promote an aura of confidence when you speak.

I knew my weak voice would let me down as a barrister, but the improvement and confidence White’s Technique gave me have now set me on a successful career.

Keith W., barrister

I'm a singer
Whether you're a professional or amateur, a soloist or a choir member, a novice or an old hand, Better Voice will help you improve your tone quality, focus and range without effort or strain.

Over the time I have been studying White's Technique my range has increased twofold, my volume at least threefold, and the pleasure I derive from singing and performing almost infinitely.

Mairi C., amateur contralto

I'm a teacher
Better Voice will help you get the message across all day, every day, without the familiar problem of strain on your throat. It will enable you to make yourself heard without shouting, communicate clearly and convincingly, and manage challenging classroom behaviour with authority.

My first teaching practice assessment identified my voice’s volume and range as needing development. After practising White's Technique regularly my voice has now been assessed as centred and pleasant to listen to. Projection, volume, clarity, posture and breathing are better, and I have more confidence.

Milena A., teacher

What will you learn?

- through easy-to-follow text, video and audio

Your time is precious, so our course units are divided into small bite-size sections where you can achieve something worthwhile in just a few minutes.

the number one

Our step-by-step sequence of graded exercises, where you will learn to use the Better Voice technique with increasing skill and confidence, have clear bullet-point explanations and are demonstrated with either video or audio clips.

Once you’ve got the hang of an exercise you can practise it in a few spare minutes wherever you are - from a traffic jam to the shower.

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Because Better Voice is a holistic technique, there are also simple but powerful exercises to help return your breathing and posture to their natural, optimal state.

How you use your body has a powerful effect not only on your voice, but also on how you feel and your confidence. Many course users have found the combination of the Better Voice technique and these exercises transformative.

the number three

Finally, there are tips on how best to use and maintain your voice now and in the future.

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Better Voice

Our Courses

The Better Voice technique works however you use your voice -  because you only have one voice, whether you’re speaking or singing.

All our courses teach the basics of the technique in exactly the same way. They also all include the exercises to restore natural breathing and posture.

The other components of the courses are tailored specifically to whether your main interest is in speaking, singing or teaching.

Not only can you try-before-you-buy by downloading one - or more - of our free introductory courses, we also offer a 90-day money back guarantee on all Speaking and Singing courses.

Choose the right course for you below - and try it free!

Better Voice for Speaking

We also have a free downloadable guide to our proven way of managing a stammer or stutter

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Better Voice for Singing

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Better Voice for Teachers

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Who are we?

- the experts behind Better Voice

Better Voice is backed by the E.G. White Society, the charitable trust which continues the work started by the technique’s originator. The technique has a long history of success. As a face-to-face teaching method it has been helping speakers and singers develop and protect their vocal skills for over a hundred years.

Today the technique is accessible worldwide as an online course. And it is constantly evolving in response to particular demands in sectors such as teaching, where our course tutors have been working alongside TES Global, publishers of Tes (Times Educational Supplement), to produce their first comprehensive voice training course for teachers.

The Course Tutor is Jane Farrell, a Trustee of the Society with a long and successful background in academic publishing. She has been a White’s Technique practitioner herself for more than twenty years, both as a speaker and an ensemble and solo singer.

The Course Consultant is Dr Peter Giles, a White’s Technique practitioner and teacher. He is a noted written authority on vocal production and a leading expert on the singing voice.

The Adviser to Better Voice is Professor Graham Welch, PhD, Chair of Music Education at University College London (UCL) Institute of Education, London, UK. He believes: “The approach advocated by the E.G. White Society provides positive suggestions for developing, sustaining and extending healthy voice use across the lifespan.”

Frequently asked questions

I've been told I have nodules on my vocal cords. Can I practise Better Voice?

Better Voice is brilliant if you have damaged vocal cords. You'll learn how to produce your voice in a way that will allow the damage to heal and prevent any further damage. Obviously if you are having medical treatment you should check with your doctor first, but we can guarantee that our techniques, practised as directed in the courses, will not harm your voice in any way.

Will Better Voice prevent my voice getting tired when I speak or sing for a long time?

Preventing your voice from getting tired is one of the great benefits of Better Voice. Your voice is designed to be used as much as you want. But it will tire when you speak or sing from your throat. With Better Voice you learn how to take your voice out of your throat, which automatically stops it getting tired when you use it a lot.

Will Better Voice help me to be more confident when speaking in public?

People who practise Better Voice usually find they become much more confident when they have to use their voice in public. This is because they know they sound good and they know their voice won't let them down. They've also learnt how to breathe and stand better, which allows them to stay more relaxed.

Does Better Voice help remedy a sore throat?

That depends what’s causing the soreness. If it’s the type that comes on when you have to speak or sing a lot, and gets worse the more you use your voice, then Better Voice should certainly help you. This type of sore throat is a sign that you're using your voice in the wrong way, and our courses can deal with that. If your sore throat is the result of an upper respiratory tract infection, then resting your voice as much as possible is the quickest way to get it back to normal. If you have an unexplained sore throat for more than a couple of weeks then consult your doctor.

I'm quite elderly. Is it too late to start practising Better Voice?

It's never too late – to learn Better Voice or to do a lot of other things in your life! The Better Voice technique will help keep your voice strong and healthy, which is a great way to sound and feel younger. If you used to sing but had to stop because your voice was no longer up to it, you may well find that our technique gives your singing voice a new lease of life too.

I already have a singing teacher. Can I carry on having lessons while I learn Better Voice?

It's not recommended. Your singing teacher is teaching you their way, not our technique. So having lessons from them and practising Better Voice at the same time will be like trying to get somewhere in a car while one of your passengers is giving you one set of directions and another is giving you a completely different set. If you try to mix and match the two sets you're highly likely to get you lost. Your teacher's method may get you where you want to go – though by another route – or it may take you somewhere different that you like less. Ideally you should read what White's Technique can promise you, ask your teacher what their method offers, and then make up your mind whose directions you are going to follow.

Can I keep singing in a choir while I learn Better Voice?

It's not ideal, especially at the beginning. Better Voice completely retrains the way you use your voice. But every time you go to choir practice you'll slip back into the same (usually bad) habits of voice production that you've been used to. It's best to take a break from your choir, or any other regular singing, until producing your voice the Better Voice way has become normal and natural for you.