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Better Voice

Make your voice work better for you

Make your voice work better for you

About Us

About Us

Better Voice is owned by the E.G. White Society, the charitable trust which continues White’s work.

White’s Technique, the method he devised initially to restore his own voice, has been helping speakers and singers develop and protect their vocal skills for over a hundred years. Now the technique is accessible worldwide as our Better Voice online courses, subsidised by the Society to make them more accessible to everyone who needs them.

Jane Farrell, Bsc

Course Tutor

A White’s Technique practitioner herself for more than twenty years, both as a speaker and an ensemble and solo singer, Jane is a Trustee of the Society and has a long and successful background in academic publishing.

"It’s been a real privilege to write the courses. Now, like me, you can discover just how much Better Voice can do for your life."

Peter Giles, PhD

Course Consultant

A White’s Technique practitioner and teacher, Peter is a noted written authority on vocal production and a leading expert on the singing voice.

"From decades of teaching White's Technique to a wide variety of students, I know for certain that the technique can improve any voice."

Professor Graham Welch, PhD

Adviser to Better Voice

Graham is Chair of Music Education at University College London (UCL) Institute of Education, London, UK and has over 300 publications to his name on many aspects of the voice and music education.

“The approach advocated by the E.G. White Society provides positive suggestions for developing, sustaining and extending healthy voice use across the lifespan.”